Amy Burton | Fine Jewellery


Crescendo was so named because this collection is based around the idea of colour and the effects that can be achieved with clever use of graduation in terms of shade, tone and strength. The centerpiece is a truly show stopping bib necklace that uses a mix of different gemstones to create a beautiful flow of colour building from a soft lilac through to intense raspberry pink and a deep, regal purple. The gemstones which include tourmaline, garnet and amethyst are all cut in beautifully matched square sugar loaf shapes.

Amy specifically chose this style of cut, with its gently rounded sides and relatively few facets as it really enhances the colour of a gem, something which was critical to the nature of this design. Complimenting this necklace is a lovely pair of earrings with reverse set graduated gems and with future pieces Amy plans to continue exploring this theme of graduating, building and playing with colour.